Private Events



We charge a small fee based on the day and how busy we usually are on that day. Then we set a minimum which we require you to spend. If the minimum isn’t reached then you get charged for the difference.


We keep our schedule posted so you can see what days are available. Our back room is only available during our hours of operation.

What We Offer

You’re welcome to bring in anything that you would like except liquor. Cakes, presents, and decorations are all perfectly acceptable. For a normal booking we have 4 beers on tap and all well liquors. We can put call and top shelf liquors in the back as well but we do request advance notice. We can provide beers and liquors that we don’t have in stock if notified well in advance but we will charge extra for it. Our full menu is available, and we can do special requests if negotiated in advance. The room seats 40 and can hold 60 if you prefer standing. Guests are welcome to use the “self pour” in the front and it will count towards the group’s minimum.


Current Reservations

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