Ruins is a locally owned craft beer bar — one where the guest is in charge of the taps. Stop in and discover our love for great brews, quality food, and stellar service!

About Us

Ruins Pub is Kansas City’s only self-pour bar. We have 52 beers on tap, 40 of which are self-pour. In the mood for a brew? You get to be your own bartender! And, of course, we’re always available to help you make your selection and guide you through the process. (We get it. It’s a lot of beer.)

If it’s a cocktail you want, fret not. We also feature a full bar, with an extensive selection of liquors and skilled bartenders who know what to do with them. Have a special cocktail in mind? Let us know! We like making drinks as much as you like drinking them.

Our food menu has a little something for everyone. Sandwiches and burgers? Sure. Street tacos? You bet. Apps for the whole table? Of course. How about some traditional Hungarian dishes? Our specialty! We also have exciting daily specials, compliments of our talented chef. If it sounds eclectic, well, that’s the goal.

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